How do I love Business? Let me count the ways!

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How do I love Business? Let me count the ways!

At this moment you may think I have for sure lost my mind and you may be right! The honest truth is I love how businesses work, how people work in them and how one cool concept or idea can literally change the face of the whole operation.

I am of course talking about great changes, innovation and experimentation that can actually make a difference in people’s lives. No one gets into business and says “let’s piss someone off today”, no, they really want to make a difference in their little piece of the world and that’s what small business does.

I get super stoked talking to new business owners and that’s why I wrote a book to guide my small business owners. Are taxes cool? Are accounting structures and systems fun? Well, maybe not to you, but for me this is the nuts and bolts of all business. If it doesn’t excite you don’t do it. Hire someone like us to do it for you and concentrate on what YOU do best!

Too many business owners get bogged down in the details and can’t see the forest through the trees. It’s a decision that many don’t make but here’s the deal…. We are your competitive advantage.

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