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Good to Great…

Jim Collins, wrote one of the best business books of all time called Good to Great! One of the very first chapters that Jim tackled was First Who… Then What, meaning first you take care of who will be on the bus with you.

We entrepreneurs get all excited, think of possibilities, strategize and have the vision and forget to plan for who will be doing it with us. As a business grows we cannot do all the functions ourselves. It’s a function of time and brain cells. I mean seriously how creative and functional can you be after 15 hours of pure focused work.

I honestly have to say reading this chapter in Good to Great made me rethink so much about how we at MOD Ventures (Gabrielle Luoma, CPA, Pllc) will be recruiting and finding those people uniquely gifted to be in our company.  Without them, our company cannot grow or become a Good to Great Company.

So what does a Good to Great company do?

They are always looking for the right employee. The right employee will help take the company with their gifts and talents to a whole new level. Once you have people with the perfect talents you can focus on the What. What are we going to do? Who knows? But they will be a part of the amazing transformation.

We, at MOD Ventures, are looking for the perfect fit, a believer in our Why?

If you’re excited about public accounting, changing lives and making a difference in our company, our staff and our customers lives then we want you.  If you want to be challenged and changed by your experience then let us know. We aren’t status quo so we need those willing to give it their all and will help us make a dent in this world as Steve Job’s said.

Send me your resume at or tweet me at @GabrielleLuoma.

We are ready to make you a believer in MOD Ventures!

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