Gabby’s Book Recommendation for June 2011

//Gabby’s Book Recommendation for June 2011

Gabby’s Book Recommendation for June 2011

Several months ago, I started doing monthly recommendations for books I read or am reading or just my favorites. They have nothing really to do with taxes, bookkeeping or all the little detail things that we deal with day-to-day. It’s more about the big picture stuff like personality traits, change and general personal development. I have been very fortunate to fall upon several great mentors during my career and so I was driven to read and personally become better all the time…. I wanted to share a little bit of that side of me and this firm. Hope you enjoy and please let me know if you have a few to suggest as well! See Recommended by Gabby for previous months.

June Recommendation

So May’s recommendation, moves onto June’s doing and that always makes me worry about change! Do I have a plan? Is it any good? Oh, and how is everyone else going to respond to the changes! If you are anything like me, then change can be difficult. I was forced to read a book about change long ago in my early career days called “Who moved my Cheese?” and found out that I really enjoyed it. It was fun and it really illustrated the process of change as well as the things that cause us not to change and finally what happens if you don’t.

So June’s recommendation is the very same book! It’s light and fun, all the things that June needs to be. Soak up some rays and enjoy this fun little book.

Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your LifeStress Management Books)

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