Don’t underestimate your value!

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Don’t underestimate your value!

Recently, I attended a conference! Yes, another one….. There are a lot of smart people to learn from…. This conference was all about building confidence in networking, changing your mindset and too many other subjects to list.


One of the breakout sessions I was able to be a part of was a master mind. There were six ladies I did not know so it was fair game to leave myself out on the table. One of the things I struggle with (and you may too) is showing additional value.


I want raving fans, who’s with me? We all do.


As I explained myself one young lady blurted out “I am so grateful my CPA keeps me out of jail”! She kept going back to that in the short 10 minutes we had. Basically, she said don’t ever underestimate the value you provide.


Every time I saw her throughout the conference she called me Ms. Monopoly. I was encouraged and inspired.













You see sometimes what we do in our own businesses is so hard to see the tremendous value you bring to people’s lives. Whether it’s a tax return (which ultimately will keep you out of trouble with the IRS) or bringing food to someone who can’t feed or grocery shop for themselves, you have value. Your value is beyond the product or service sometimes. You can’t always touch it but it is there.


By the way, it’s true. I have kept lots of people out of trouble the 11 years I have been in business and now my team helps too. I have heard this sentiment before and honestly I was surprised by the comment.


It is time to embrace this value as valuable!


Now I realize that there are many, many other things you want your CPA firm to do for you but to some people this means the world to them. It caught me off guard. It recharged my battery. It made me see things differently.


So here is your “Your Keep Out of Jail Free Card”.


Now, don’t go do anything stupid or crazy. I am only so powerful! But remember when you see this card that we are on your side making sure you are staying out of trouble.


How do you underestimate your value to your customers? Are you ready to change?
Let us know if we can help! We are constantly looking for ways to improve your life!

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