More than just tax preparers!

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More than just tax preparers!

I say this every year and I hope that every year it will be better understood that we (this firm) are more than tax preparers. Tax preparation is just a small part of what we actually do and as a CPA firm the expectation is that we plan and provide advice. We help customers through good and bad transitions and see some very sad and happy times with them.

It’s a shame that if you mention taxes you think the dreaded CPA and all the negative connotations that we as a profession bring up to the minds of our customers. So, I fight the stereo-type and will educate and better inform my customers and community of what we do for real.

We answer all kinds of questions like…

  • I got a notice, what do I do?
  • I think I did my return wrong, how do I fix it?
  • I am being audited, can you help me or can I do it myself?
  • What does this notice mean?
  • I got married, had a baby, had a child go to college, how does that affect me now?
  • My spouse/parent passed away and I don’t know what to do?
  • What is an LLC, what happens when I get one and how do I report everything?
  • My child was sick or needs more medical help, is that deductible?
  • I want to buy a car, should I lease or own?
  • Should I pay off my house, and if I do, will it hurt me tax wise?
  • I want to buy a house, what can I deduct?
  • I took money out of my retirement before I was 59 1/2. Am I in trouble?
  • I would like to plan better, can you help me?
  • I went into foreclosure with my home. Will I pay taxes?

As you can see these have NOTHING to do with tax preparation. These are life planning questions that affect your taxes but happen long before you file.

Just to be very clear, these are questions that all people ask or should be asking as one goes through life. If you are a business owner it’s double the questions and needs of a person and the questions vary and become more complex as you grow.

We see the good and bad but we are here to help you go through it. Your relationship with a firm (hopefully ours) is just that a relationship. We want to help you with more…. We want to be your trusted advisor.

If you need more than just tax preparation, give us a call! We offer multiple options that allow you only tax preparation or the option to meet more regularly. We want to be your trusted advisor.

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