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Consulting vs. Coaching

There is a big misconception between what is coaching versus what is consulting. I asked a few people how they define this and I always get a different definition.

So here is my definition of both….

When you think of a coach, you think of someone on the sidelines of a football team, yelling encouragement and telling their players to either stop or keeping doing what they are doing. They provide tools to help the players. They listen. They help you work through issues that you have specific problems with and help you apply your knowledge to become more successful. Coaching relationships last for longer periods of time.

Consulting is a focused effort towards something for a shorter period of time. If you throw a ball wrong and you want to know how to throw it correctly, a consultant could spend an afternoon teaching you how to do it right. Consultants teach or fix a specific problem and then get out of the way.

I have begun to really focus on the consulting side of business and how to help customers with their accounting systems. Even more focused is how the accounting department is designed to properly reflect the financial picture of the business.

Consulting has always been a part of my business model but rarely talked about from the angle of a consultant. CPA’s are very well qualified for this but rarely let the customer know it’s available. They find out their customers are having problems with their accounting systems when a consultant is called in…..

So, to all my customers and potential customers, we offer accounting and tax planning consulting. We also offer entity type consulting. If your accounting system is messed up and you need new solutions we can work with you too. Oh, and one more thing, I am a CGMA which means I am a Chartered Global Managerial Accountant, which means I have a certification through the AICPA that says I have experience with the managerial aspects of accounting.

We are a triple threat as they say….. CPA, CGMA and FUN!!

I enjoy a good challenge!

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    You do know it stands for “Chartered Global Management Accountant” …

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