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MOD Ventures offers CFO Services in Tucson and Phoenix, AZ

Delegate the Responsibility. Keep the Control.

Competing in a global marketplace isn’t easy. It takes expertise and in-depth analysis to ensure you’re making the most of every opportunity. Wearing the hat of a CFO can quickly take you out of your leadership role.

That’s why here at MOD Ventures, you can benefit from our part-time or virtual CFO Services. Our trusted professionals will take an active interest in your business, whether you are a small or mid-sized business.

By bundling CFO Services into a monthly package or as stand-alone consulting services, you can get the help you need, when you need it.

Accountability. Reliability. Availability.

it’s the answer you’ve been looking for

Listed below are the various CFO Services you can choose from. Each are designed specifically with your business in mind.

Here’s the truth

Long term projects… higher revenues. It’s the perfect storm for creating more complex matters than you have the time or the energy to handle. Sometimes, caffeine just isn’t the solution. Frankly, you need someone else to worry about it for you.

Here’s the good news

You don’t have to give up control. At MOD Ventures, you get the help you need coupled with the transparency and control you want. Our cloud-based systems make it easy to log in remotely to monitor financial statements in real time, any time.

Enjoy the benefits of having a C-Level executive without the added payroll costs, giving you the feedback and guidance you need on your terms. From coaching on key processes to in-depth analysis, MOD Ventures is here to guide you and your growing business.

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