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Helping a serial entrepreneur run his businesses successfully and minimize his tax liability.

Client David Kafora, Orangethory Fitness

David Kafora is a long time client of MOD Ventures. We have had the pleasure to work with him on many different aspects of his businesses. David is the owner of seven Orangetheory Fitness franchises. David’s business philosophy is to seek out new ways to help others achieve their goals, whatever those may be.


David had been through three different CPA firms before hearing about MOD Ventures through a friend. He was in search for a company that was different from all of the others. David was looking for a team of professionals who would:

  • communicate and collaborate with him
  • be invested in learning more about David’s trade

  • be committed to the success and growth of his businesses
  • help research, discover, and take advantage of the available tax saving strategies


To help David’s businesses grow and be successful, we started by together discussing problems he was facing. We took the time to pinpoint specific needs, even when David couldn’t articulate them himself. We recognized his businesses for what they were in the past, what they were presently, and what he wanted them to become. From there, we made a plan and set goals.


We helped David with the accounting and tax needs for the five business he already had when he came to MOD Ventures. Over the last couple of years David opened two additional locations. We have continued to support David with his accounting, consulting, and tax needs by providing timely information, spending time learning about David’s business, and strategizing on growth and savings opportunities.

In 2016, David and his partner decreased their tax liability by 50%. This was accomplished through determining the best entity structure, maximizing allowed deductions, and taking advantage of tax business incentives.


David Kafora’s seven Orangetheory Fitness gyms are running smoothly and successfully. Our business consultation and expert tax work is certainly a part of this success, and we see his success as our own success. Every year he receives the greatest amount of deductions possible and has the comfort and security to venture into yet again another business that, going along with David’s philosophy, focuses its attention on helping people. We find a great amount of pride in knowing that we have the ability to impact businesses and even more pride in knowing that someone like David Kafora trusts us with something so valuable.

David is currently undertaking a new venture in in-home non-medical care industry.

WHY MOD Ventures

When asked why working with MOD Ventures is different from other firm David said, “MOD Ventures have a vested interest in my personal success and this is what has enhanced our relationship and allowed it to grow. It was a complete team approach and not just tax and accounting help. It is the time we spend together finding solutions that makes this experience different.”

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