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Business: It goes right to the heart!

Business: It goes right to the heart!Whoever said that business is business and not personal got it way wrong!

I am being bold and saying business can down right hurt sometimes. Oh yeah, we are talking painful and hard. I am talking about the crying at your desk with a hundred tissues kind of cry. They actually have emoji’s for this face now.  You know the one.

In business, it’s all personal and here is why. Your business is your baby. Your personal masterpiece. Ever had someone picking on your kid? Yeah, you know the bully in class that you wanted to grab by the ear and take them to their Momma…. It’s the same feeling. You protect it because your business goes right to your heart.

This is not a bad thing to be emotionally invested. This actually means you are a person who cares about something…. You haven’t made it to the robot stage. The robot stage scares me. It’s a hurtful place where people no longer matter and tasks and duties take over your calendar. Your only purpose is to make money. Don’t get me wrong, money is good and I advise you to earn it well but you can’t focus only on that…… because you become a robot.

It takes heart to live this life, build things, restore things and relationally deal with things but it’s your heart that got you to where you are and it will take you to where you are going. Your heart is all wrapped up into your Why? And people do business because of that more than what you actually do.

I find that in business it’s hard to show your heart. It’s hard to be vulnerable and not know everything but I find people who are real are more endearing, don’t you? Saying “I don’t know but I will find out” is way better than the alternative.

Today and every day, my business is personal in every way. If we say goodbye to a customer it’s sad regardless of the situation. We put our heart into it. When we welcome new customers we are excited because we put our heart into it AND we know we can make a difference.

They say numbers never lie. That is definitely true and sometimes the truth hurts. Truth is usually followed by some decisions which can bring healing to your very personal situation. As a professional, this is what I am about. I help my customers, family and friends do things they never thought possible or deal with issues they fear or are ashamed of. These are the opportunities for me to show my heart.

Yes, you see, business is all personal…. and it goes right to my heart every time!

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