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As a more creative accountant type I am dazzled by the idea of design more and more. I believe design applies to many things in one’s life which in my world requires designing my schedule to meet the needs of my family and business. In the journey to do this I have discovered that in our business, the world of accounting, we must also continually think about the design of our systems.

MOD Ventures firm began in 2004 and I pretty much fell into using QuickBooks by default. Most companies that I wanted to work with used QuickBooks and there was (still is) a huge need for training and helping small business owners navigate the world of accounting technology. I did many things by default in the beginning. My practices were all similar to the firm I learned my craft in. I operated much like them but on a smaller level.

9 years into small business ownership, I now realize there is an opportunity to design the systems, change and open ourselves to new opportunities even in our own accounting system. By design, I have a very simple system. We switched to mostly because without us using it we couldn’t really teach others how to use it.

That’s the story of MOD Ventures firm. We try things internally, learn how to be better business owners and then show you the tools needed for your success!

We design accounting systems, build business processes and because we do this you get the end result which is better information, which facilitates good life, business and tax planning. It’s a thought out designed process that meets your needs and wants (tailored to you).

If you have been operating with the same ole same ole processes since day one you are likely missing a ton of opportunities and I would love to discuss how our firm can help you operate by design.

Call us at 520-572-1248. We would love to discuss all the possibilities!

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