Benefits of Outsourcing

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Benefits of Outsourcing

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Accounting Department

As a CPA firm we have worked with many, many businesses over the last 13 years. Generally, the biggest issue in our world is whether the customer could provide good information to prepare good tax plans or help with a financial strategic plan. A small business owner in this predicament usually does not have the time to do it themselves or do not know how to do the accounting properly.

Our firm has for years trained business owners to do their own accounting. Essentially, accounting is the cornerstone of any business so we always felt that this was an important component. For growing businesses we noticed that more and more the focus is on other things and the accounting takes a backseat at a time when you need it most. This is perfect timing to start considering outsourcing your accounting.

What are the benefits?

First, and probably, biggest benefit is the cost savings of not having an extra employee, payroll expenses, benefits that all add up. Additionally, you pay for inefficient processes which add dollars to paychecks.

Second, your savings is richly rewarded with also a higher level of education, experience and understanding. CPA firms work with all types of businesses and the staff will have worked with other companies that likely experience the same issues as you. This persons experience becomes a great asset over time.

Third, the software cost is most likely spread over multiple customers therefore allowing you to receive a cost savings in software or technology while enjoying the most progressive tools in the business. CPA’s used to lag in this arena but innovation appears to be taking place and even QuickBooks is providing more and more solutions.

Fourth, the potential for fraud is reduced substantially. Over the past few years you hear more and more of bookkeepers taking off with hundreds of thousands of dollars and seemingly right underneath the nose of the owners. It’s a terrible thing. We assure that processes are put into place so that you always know where your money is going.

Lastly, there are many, many reasons to outsource your accounting but more than anything else…. It’s peace of mind. You have qualified people handling your accounting. You have people who answer your questions, provide support and in general want to see your success come to fruition. We care about you and want your business to thrive.

Outsourcing your accounting has never been easier and our customers agree. They have found a true trusted advisor and call us their friends. Whether near or far we have the resources you need to take your company to the next level.

Let us know how we can help!!!

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  1. Fulton Washington January 29, 2013 at 11:12 pm

    Outsourcing not only brings cost advantages but can also improve the efficiency of business operations. If your business goals are properly aligned with the deliverables in outsourcing, productivity and efficiency are bound to increase

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