An Excerpt from the Diary of a Control Freak!

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An Excerpt from the Diary of a Control Freak!

An Excerpt from the Diary of a Control Freak


It comes time in everyone’s life when you must give up a few tasks in order to go to that next level. As a leader of a small business it’s HARD. It’s not only hard for the leader but it’s really hard for everyone.


The first stage of giving up certain tasks is grief or mourning. A sense of not being needed or the fear that it won’t be done “right” sweeps over you. It’s scary and so much of who we are is wrapped up into what we spend 8 or more hours a day doing.


We Are Not What We Do…


I have a plaque at home and it says “We have to let go of who we are to discover who we can be”. Bottom line let go of your definition of who you are or how someone else has defined you. There is more, when you let go.


The next stage is some relief. We are relieved that we no longer have to carry the burden by ourselves. Hopefully, we have chosen the person (employee/contractor) well so that we are confident in the decision. No matter what there will be some anxiety but if done well relief will eventually come.


EVERY business owner teeters between these two stages, fear and relief. It’s no wonder that very few business owners take the next step to hire their first employee.


So, how can you alleviate some of the fear of going to that next level?


As a CPA firm we focus on helping with those fears and deal with the pain. Every owner has them, the pain of doing business, right?


Here Are a Few I Have Identified Over the Years:


  • Cash flow issues: Seasonal businesses, timing, billing problems all seem to plague this type of pain point.


  • Unpaid/unorganized bills: Systems and processes were never put into place to help with streamlining.


  • Compliance issues: The IRS or State government is after you. This is usually from not knowing the requirements or just fell behind.


  • Turnover of employees: This could be multiple things, inability to manage effectively, maybe the cash flow issues have caused cash shortages and insecurity sets in.


And the List Goes On and On…An Excerpt from the Diary of a Control Freak


There are many pain points that cause owners to want to give up all the time. Until you deal with the pain or delegate these issues to be better handled by someone else, they will remain painful.


We have solutions for many many of these pain points and we believe in equipping business owners to handle their business in an effective way. No need to keep pounding your head against the wall.


It’s time to give up control and allow someone to help you!

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