A Place of Gratitude

//A Place of Gratitude

A Place of Gratitude

It is not joy that makes us Grateful, it is gratitude that makes us Joyful.

This is the week of Thanksgiving and I wanted to write about all the wonderful things that I am grateful for….. In striving for success we all forget to stop and sometimes smell the roses. Its only when we stop and look up do we really have the ability to appreciate our world.

This year (and every year) I am thankful for our clients, business partners and all those that believe in us! We are going into our 12th year of business. It feels like it has gone fast but I only have to look at Brooke (the reason why I started a business) and see all the time that has gone by. Both of my girls have grown and its exciting to see the beauty…..




I am thankful for our team. The ladies and one gentleman are the backbone of this business. Larisa celebrated 4 years with the firm this year and I have had the pleasure of seeing her blossom into a CPA. Michael is graduating in December with his BA of Accountancy and will become more involved in the firm while pursuing his Master degree. Phaedra is growing in skill set as she passed her 2 year anniversary and Cindy is almost at 1 year and mastering Bill.com. I am even proud of those no longer with us…..

I am excited by their growth and I am humbled that I have been a mentor and coach to them.


Lastly but not least, I am grateful to my family for the support and love that they give me. I couldn’t do life without my husband Dwayne. He is the steady support and cheerleader for me. His prayers have blessed me more than he will ever know.

My family is awesome and I can’t tell you how much it has meant to me to be a mom & wife. I am blessed!!!



I am so gratiful. I pray that you are able to stop and smell the roses and turkey this holiday season. You will never get back this time so spend it with those you love.

Happy Thanksgiving! Be blessed!!

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