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A book review of ROWE

Are you ready for a a revolutionary book about work? Well this is it!

No one breeches the subject like a Results Oriented Work Environment better than someone who actually was responsible for starting it at a huge corporation like Best Buy!  Jody and Cari, yes we are on first name basis since we Tweet, have first hand knowledge of being true change agents! Best Buy will not be the same!

What does this mean? It means that results are the only thing that matters! Why? Because that’s the only thing you are paid for, right? No one cares how or when you do your job just that it gets done! Is that it? Pretty much! Best Buy decided that as long as the work got done they didn’t care when or where it was done.

There are tons of questions which the book addresses but bottom line, it blows our idea of work completely out of the water!

I highly recommend it!


Click here or on the book above to get your copy today!





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