3 Lessons from a Chicken Story

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3 Lessons from a Chicken Story

Yesterday, I found myself driving my baby daughter who is eight to the urgent care. She had a fight with a swing set pole and it won. We were talking about all the “what if’s” that she loves to contemplate every time she is unsure of the outcome of a doctor’s visit.

After several scenarios that she played out in a very detailed manor, I said to her “Well, let’s not count our chickens before they hatch”. She had not heard that phrase and I, of course, needed to explain it. After my explanation that we couldn’t possibly know what was going to happen and we just needed to be patient, she was not satisfied.

She returned my very thoughtful reasoning with “Mom, if we don’t plan and have a heat lamp for the chicks they will die.” I sat stunned for a moment. I had to agree. A certain amount of planning was required no matter the situation.

I have thought about that conversation several times in just the last 24 hours and what that means to me, to my business and to my customers. I am still shocked that my baby girl was able to articulate planning in such a real way.


  1. Count your chickens before they hatch. You have to plan on the survival of some chicks (ideas) and what will you do when the egg cracks?
  2. It’s okay to play with different scenarios. This may help you deal with whatever the consequences turn out to be.
  3. You need a planner on your team. If you don’t like dealing with all the unknowns you need someone who is willing to do it with you. (My baby girl is working on her future employment with me already)

And finally, what planning are you avoiding? We are experts in the tax and financial planning of businesses and we can be that team member you need.

What chickens should you be counting?

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