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30 03, 2013

Fear of Taxes for Business Owners

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In my last blog post I confronted the fear of taxes and the many questions that people usually have for me as they are learning the how-to’s of having a tax preparer or CPA help them through the process. As I finished up writing that blog I realized that there are several other fears that [...]

26 03, 2013

Fear of Taxes

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This subject is a tough one so I am going to confront it… It’s the Fear Factor of Taxes. Most fears that we experience as human beings tend to be irrational by nature. As a child I had a deeply imaginative brain and I would actually be very scared at night, thinking about all the [...]

22 03, 2013

More than just tax preparers!

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I say this every year and I hope that every year it will be better understood that we (this firm) are more than tax preparers. Tax preparation is just a small part of what we actually do and as a CPA firm the expectation is that we plan and provide advice. We help customers through [...]

11 03, 2013

Tax Tips for Newly Weds

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If you got married during 2012, chances are you've been planning your future and settling down in your new environment.  Therefore, most of you are probably not worrying about planning for your tax liability.  In order to help you avoid as much stress as possible during this tax season, here are some tips from our March newsletter [...]