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21 02, 2013

Business by Design

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As a more creative accountant type I am dazzled by the idea of design more and more. I believe design applies to many things in one’s life which in my world requires designing my schedule to meet the needs of my family and business. In the journey to do this I have discovered that in [...]

14 02, 2013

Where’s My Refund?

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As of February 3rd the IRS has only issued 4.3 billion in refunds compared to the 26.9 billion issued at the same point in 2012.  The fiscal cliff can be to blame for the delayed and slow beginning of tax season, but the IRS now seems to be back in gear.  According to the IRS, [...]

11 02, 2013

Good to Great…

By | 2013-02-11T07:52:06-07:00 February 11th, 2013|Blog, For CPA's|Comments Off on Good to Great…

Jim Collins, wrote one of the best business books of all time called Good to Great! One of the very first chapters that Jim tackled was First Who… Then What, meaning first you take care of who will be on the bus with you. We entrepreneurs get all excited, think of possibilities, strategize and have [...]

5 02, 2013

Special Credits for Arizona Tax Returns!

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The other day you were updated on some deductible expenses about which you may be forgetting to tell us. Although it is impossible to cover ALL of them, there are a few more deductions you should know about. They are the special credits for the Arizona tax return. Not only are they deductible as charitable [...]

1 02, 2013


By | 2013-02-01T12:41:32-07:00 February 1st, 2013|Blog, Business Advice, Tax|Comments Off on TOP 10 OVERLOOKED TAX BREAKS

Every taxpayer aims to minimize tax liability and keep as many of those hard-earned dollars as possible. As many of you know, one way to do that is to maximize tax deductions. Can I deduct anything else? Am I missing anything? These are some of the most commonly asked questions. We want to let you [...]