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30 10, 2009

Full Disclosure: What to Tell Your CPA

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No business owner looks forward to the chaos of tax season. When you’re already juggling customer service, marketing, and business development, it can seem virtually impossible to make time for preparing your financials. That’s where your CPA comes in. If you think an accountant’s role is limited to preparing and filing annual tax returns, it’s time to adjust your expectations. Many of our new clients are pleasantly surprised to find out how much work we’re prepared to take off their plate. One of the biggest mistakes business owners can make is withholding information from their CPAs. While basic financial data— W2 and 1099 forms, real estate interest statements, receipts for business expenses—is important, we dig deeper to ensure a clear understanding of our clients’ businesses and long-term goals. Below are some of the most important things to convey to your tax professional before tax season:

26 10, 2009

Think You Don’t Need a CPA?

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Think Again. You wouldn’t set off on a cross-country journey without your GPS system—so why risk navigating the sometimes turbulent waters of business ownership without a qualified tax professional to guide you? Considering the proven benefits of hiring a Certified Public Accountant, it’s surprising that a significant number of business owners don’t use one. What’s stopping them? Below are a few of the most common reasons we’ve heard, along with some facts to set the record straight.

22 10, 2009

6 Questions to Ask a CPA

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If you’re already considering hiring a Certified Public Accountant, you probably already know about the huge benefits it can bring to your business. Not only will you enjoy significant tax savings and the peace of mind that comes with accurate, compliant financials, you’ll have countless hours freed up to focus on running your company instead of crunching numbers. While the advantages of using a CPA are obvious, choosing the right tax professional isn’t quite so clear-cut. Like any other profession, each accountant has different capabilities and limitations. You’re not just hiring someone to file your tax return each April—you need a long-term partner who’s invested in the growth and success of your business all year round. To ensure a good match, here are a few key questions to ask a tax professional before trusting them with your financials: “How long have you been working in the financial industry?”